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Welcome to Annual Year 2020-21!

Message from our Founder

Serving Students with Learning Challenges


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The Gateway Schools, New York (USA), was founded in 1965, by a parent and an educator. Together, they laid a foundation of optimism and child-centeredness in this institution that has been making a remarkable difference in the lives of children with learning disabilities and their families for over 45 years. In an attempt to extend the benefits of its powerful educational philosophy and innovative methods to children beyond the U.S., the Gateway School of New York has now partnered with The Keshavlal V. Bodani Education Foundation to establish The Gateway School of Mumbai. The vision behind this collaboration is to generate learning and spread evidence-based practices, in the field of education and therapies, in India and globally.

The Gateway School of Mumbai is dedicated to empowering children with learning challenges - along with their families and the professionals that support them. Our intention is to help students develop the skills, knowledge, understandings and attitudes necessary for them to lead fulfilling and productive lives – as independent and successful individuals that actively contribute to society.

Our Educational Philosophy

Developmental Approach

Harnessing the sensory-motor, speech and language, social-emotional, and cognitive domains to design age-and ability-appropriate instruction.

Observation-and Data-Based Teaching

Observation-and data-driven instruction, not a prescribed program, guide teaching practices.


Emphasising critical thinking skills throughout the day, in all classes and activities.


Promoting student success through an orderly environment, clear expectations, and academic structures.

Learning in a Group

Helping students work effectively as a team and draw from each other’s strengths to learn.

Strength-Based Approach

Harnessing strengths to support difficulties.


Gateway-Mumbai’s educational program is a balance of academics, arts and therapies. Our academic curriculum consists of a mix of internationally acclaimed, research-based programs that we have adapted for use in the Indian context. The emphasis is on developing independent problem-solving skills and critical thinking. Content covered in classes is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills to undertake the IGCSE (Cambridge University Examinations) or NIOS (National Open University) subjects in Grade 10.

At Gateway, therapies and academic services are integrated - we offer occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech and language therapy, and counselling services.

Our arts program includes classes such as movement, visual art, music, and sports, all of which are integral components of Gateway’s holistic curriculum.

Capacity Building

Our team at Gateway-Mumbai has been actively consolidating the tremendous amount of learning being generated through the assimilation and application of data-driven practices introduced by our expert partners from around the world.

Further, this learning is being documented systematically with the aim of disseminating our evidence-based instructional approaches, methods and tools, to parents, educators and clinicians, all over India, through the following lines of action:

  • Providing systematic professional development to general and special education schools.
  • Workshops for professionals.
  • Workshops for parents.
  • Observations and school tours for educators/clinicians/student teachers.
  • Mentoring interns in the field of education and therapies.


The Gateway School of Mumbai’s design is inspired by the belief that the environment is 'The Third Teacher', and it is further premised on the reality of the uniqueness of every Gateway student. From the development of the matrix of common spaces, to the interior architectural zoning, the services, lighting, and material planning, each feature is integrated and designed to work around this idea.

The school site measures approximately 28,000 square feet, and currently has approximately 20,000 square feet of built-up area. Our campus is located at Govandi – adjacent to Chembur, in the geographic centre of Mumbai.