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We are now open for admission for the 2021-22 academic year.

All our programs include the following core components:

  • Maths and literacy skills for daily living
  • Arts
  • Remedial and Therapy services

Beyond the core components, each program includes the following unique components:

Age 7 - 13 Age 13 - 15 Ages 15 - 18
Cambridge International Examination syllabus IGCSE NIOS NIOS High School Adaptive Program (HSAP)
Grade 10 certification in IGCSE Grade 10 certification in NIOS Grade 12 certification in NIOS Adaptive skills for daily living
  Community Service Learning


The Gateway School of Mumbai's admissions process is extensive and thorough. We seek students with uneven learning profiles, who can function successfully in a classroom environment, and whose strengths and needs complement those of the peer group into which they are being placed.

The admissions process begins with a paper review, in which the child’s history is studied with the help of reports collected from the previous school and/or any professionals the child might have worked with over the years. If the applicant's profile seems to fulfill the enrolment prerequisites mentioned earlier, then a meeting is scheduled between the admissions team and the student along with his/her parents. This meeting is not an interview; rather, it is an opportunity for our team to conduct an informal assessment of the applicant to ascertain whether the school has an appropriate group and programs for the child to benefit from.

At present, Gateway cannot optimally serve students with severe/profound hearing and visual impairments, and multiple disabilities.

We require the following documents for admissions. Please email them to

  • Photo of the child
  • Cover letter by the parent
  • Relevant medical reports
  • Recent school report cards
  • School/teacher questionnaire
  • Testing documents to support diagnosis done in the last 12-18 months (i.e. IQ testing, psycho-educational testing, emotional testing, screening for ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorders, etc.)
  • Student information form