The Gateway School of Mumbai's Advisory Board advises the School Founder, Head of School, and other school leaders on a host of matters including education services and beyond. In doing so, the board plays a key role in shaping the school's future. The Advisory Board members are accomplished members from the worlds of business, government, medicine, law, education, art, and entertainment. They wholeheartedly support the mission and vision of the school, and with their worldly perspective and expertise, they help assure that Gateway develops in a way that is strategically sound.

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    • Tonya Pulanco

      Special Educator & Founding Member of Gateway School New York, USA

      Ms. Pulanco has a Bachelor’s (BA) in Occupational Therapy from San Jose State University and a Masters (MA) in Special Education from Teachers College, Columbia University in New York. Having been mentored by Elizabeth Freidus, the school's founder, Tonya has played a critical role in developing and applying the Gateway approach to education since the past 40 years.

    • Jossie O'Neill

      Bilingual, General & Special Educator, Curriculum Developer, and Teacher Trainer (USA)

      A former Gateway teacher, Dr. Irma Josefina O’Neill (Jossie) has completed a doctorate (Ed.D.) (1988) from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a Certificate of Advanced Study (C.A.S.) (1979) in Reading and Human Development from the Graduate School of Education, Harvard University. She has served as senior English Language Learner (ELL) literacy advisor to the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, assistant director for curriculum and instruction at the Amber Charter School, and senior program officer at New Visions for Public Schools in New York City. After her time at Gateway, from 1986 to 1988, she was a full-time, tenured associate professor at SUNY College at Old Westbury, and visiting professor at Teachers College, Columbia University and City College, CUNY. In 2005, Dr. O’Neill returned to Gateway and served for several years as a leader in varying capacities. At the present time, Jossie is involved in a new charter school in Long Island, New York that serves the Latino and African-American communities.

    • Bob Cunningham

      Head of School, Robert Louis Stevenson School

      Bob holds a Bachelor’s (B.S.) in Education from Indiana University, Pennsylvania and two Master's degrees from Teachers College, Columbia University. He served as the Head of School for The Gateway Schools in New York until 2013. Bob's experiences in the field of education range from being a teacher at the elementary and secondary school levels, to serving as administrator for several Connecticut school districts, to working with the Ministry of Education in Japan. In 2011, he was honoured by The Huffington Post as one of "100 Game Changers" in the USA - for his contribution to the field of special education.

    • Kelly Dorfman

      Nutritionist and Health Program Planner (USA)

      Ms. Kelly Dorfman is a health program planner and nutritionist with a master’s degree in biology/nutrition and 29 years of clinical experience. Her specialty is developing nutritional and lifestyle strategies to address complex health problems from autism to bone loss to rare genetic disorders. Kelly's special talent for integrating information from many sources and finding practical solutions has made her a popular speaker and workshop leader. Her book, “What’s Eating Your Child?” (Workman Press) was published in June 2011.

    • Fran Reinstein

      Optometrist (USA)

      Dr. Fran Reinstein has been a practicing optometrist since her graduation from the SUNY State College of Optometry in 1991. Upon graduation, she received an award for Excellence in Pediatrics and an award for skill and proficiency in contact lens fitting. Dr. Reinstein completed a residency in Pediatrics and Binocular Vision at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry, where she served as a member of the faculty at the Pediatrics and Binocular Vision modules. She serves as the President of the Optometric Society, New York, she is on the executive board of the Children's Vision Coalition, and is a member of The College of Optometrists for Vision Development. Dr. Reinstein has lectured extensively on infant and pediatric vision. She has conducted several vision screening programs for neurotypical and developmentally delayed preschool children.

    • Sharon Herzfeld

      M.D., Pediatric Neurologist

      Dr. Sharon Herzfeld is a pediatric neurologist specializing in alternative and holistic neurology. She is an active member of the Homeopathic Medical Society, New York State, and has spent the last few years researching and studying alternative treatments for many common and chronic conditions that can be treated with homeopathic remedies successfully and less intrusively than with traditional pharmaceuticals.

    • Orrin Devinsky

      M.D., Neurologist, Neurosurgeon and Psychiatrist (USA)

      Dr. Devinsky is the Director of the New York University (NYU) Comprehensive Epilepsy Center and the Saint Barnabas Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery (INN). He is also a professor of neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry at NYU Langone School of Medicine. Dr. Devinsky specializes in epilepsy and behavioral neurology, and has been widely regarded as one of the foremost experts in his field. He has served as a board member for, and chaired several committees of, the American Epilepsy Society. He is active in the American Academy of Neurology and the Epilepsy Foundation. He is an associate editor of ‘Epilepsy and Behavior’-co-founded ‘Reviews in Neurological Disorders’, and serves as a reviewer for more than 30 journals. He has authored more than 20 books in these fields.

    • Carrie Strauch

      Paediatric Occupational Therapist (USA)

      A graduate of NYU, Ms. Carrie Strauch has practiced pediatric occupational therapy (OT) for 33 years in clinical settings that include acute and rehabilitation hospitals, early intervention centers, schools, homes and private offices treating newborn through teenagers with a wide range of diagnoses. Certified in sensory integration therapy, neurodevelopmental treatment, Jin Shin Jyutsu, and Reiki, Carrie integrates complementary healing methods with OT, and consults with families, schools and medical professionals about conventional therapies and complementary alternative medicine. A published writer and educator, Carrie has lectured on pediatric OT in the USA, Spain, and India, at the university and continuing education levels. Carrie was the first OT student-intern at The Gateway School of New York in 1977.

    • Reshma Piramal

      Speech and Language Therapist (India)

      Reshma Piramal is a Developmental Speech & Language Therapist, having earned her Master's (MSc) in Speech and Language Therapy from City University, London. She currently works at Ummeed Child Development Centre - an interdisciplinary resource for children with developmental disabilities in Mumbai. Reshma conducts several early identification programmes for teachers in Balewadi, Pune, and in nurseries across Mumbai. Reshma is actively engaged with a variety of non-profit efforts focused on climate change, water scarcity, wildlife preservation, and other environmental and social concerns.

    • Mahesh Jethmalani

      Senior Advocate (India)

      Mahesh Jethmalani is one of the most successful lawyers in India, having served a client list of prominent politicians, businessmen and corporate establishments. He is also a political candidate with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Mahesh is also the son of Ram Jethmalani - arguably the most prominent criminal lawyer in the country.

    • Robert Swan

      Polar Explorer and Environmental Leader (England)

      Robert Swan is a polar explorer, environmental leader and the first person ever to have walked to the North and South Poles. He is an exceptionally gifted communicator and is regarded as one of the world’s top motivational speakers. Mr. Swan is a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for Youth, a visiting professor at the School of Environment at Leeds University, and in 1994 he became Special Envoy to the Director General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). He was awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) in 1995.

    • John Gloster

      Physiotherapist - Rajasthan Royals IPL Team (Australia)

      Mr. John Gloster is an Australian physiotherapist with 19 years of clinical and practical experience, particularly in the arena of sports physiotherapy and sports medicine. Since the last 14 years, John has been involved in elite national and international level cricket, with tenures at Surrey County in England, Bangladesh, the Indian cricket team (2005-2008), and is currently the physiotherapist to the Indian Premier League (IPL) team Rajasthan Royals. Aside from cricket, he has been clinically involved in numerous other fields of elite level sports - squash, athletics, rugby, and Australian rules football, to name a few.

    • Harsh Piramal

      Director, Ashok Piramal Group (India)

      Mr. Harsh Piramal is the executive vice-chairman of Morarjee Textiles Limited and PMP Auto Components Private Ltd, which belongs to the Ashok Piramal Group business conglomerate in India – a business conglomerate that has interests in textiles, real estate, auto components, entertainment, and sports, where each company features among the top 5 of the industry they operate in. Mr. Piramal is engaged in a variety of non-profit efforts focused on climate change, water scarcity, wildlife preservation, and other environmental and social concerns.

    • Karan Johar

      Film Director, Producer and Screenwriter (India)

      Mr. Karan Johar is one of the most talented and successful filmmakers in the Indian film industry. He is a director, screenwriter, television host, and producer at Dharma Productions. Mr. Johar has directed and produced some of the highest grossing Hindi films, in India and overseas, and has been nominated for, and won, multiple awards for his work. Mr. Karan Johar has emerged as one of India's young thought leaders - chosen as one of 250 Global Young Leaders by the Geneva-based World Economic Forum 2006, and has addressed the Wharton India Economic Forum 2006 at the prestigious Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

    • Elina Meswani

      Philanthropist (India)

      Mrs. Elina Meswani has graduated with a Bachelor’s (BSc) in Business Administration from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, and has completed graduate and post-graduate courses on children’s brain development from the Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential, Philadelphia. She is on the board of Habitat for Humanity - India BUILDS, a global organization building homes for the underprivileged. Mrs. Meswani has actively participated in annual meetings of Young Global Leaders Forum and World Economic Forum, Davos. She is also involved in various charitable causes such as Eye Camps, Jaipur Foot Camps and Schools for the Deaf and Disabled. Mrs. Meswani is the wife of Mr. Nikhil R Meswani, Executive Director of Reliance Industries Ltd, the largest private sector company in India.

    • Nina Kilachand

      Teacher, Philanthropist (India)

      Ms. Nina Kilachand has over 22 years of experience teaching yoga at one of the most renowned kindergarten schools in Mumbai, along with classroom teaching experience at other prominent school across South Mumbai. She and her husband Rajen Kilachand - leading business magnate and the chairman and president of Dodsal Group - have generously directed their resources towards the support of several medical facilities in India and around the world, rural development initiatives in East Africa and India, and cultural and educational initiatives in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Mumbai, Gujarat, and more recently, Boston, where a $35 million endowment to the Kilachand Honors College at Boston University (USA) was made.

    • Bobby Deol

      Film Actor (India)

      Mr. Bobby Deol is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and a renowned actor in the Indian film Industry. He is the younger son of the legendary actor Dharmendra. He made a smashing debut in the 1995 hit film Barsaat for which he was awarded the prestigious Filmfare Award for Best Debut. His extensive body of work includes films of different genres including thriller, romance, comedy, family drama, action, and so on. He has been extremely supportive of The Gateway School of Mumbai since its inception.