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Arts and Grandstand

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Grandstand is a space where a diverse community of students come together to share, enjoy and communicate with each other in a social way. They are active participants in hands-on, meaningful & relevant learning experiences and get a chance to express their voice and choice. They get opportunities to take initiative and make decisions, which leads to a greater investment in motivation, interest and accountability. It’s a medium through which they engage in groups cohesively within the Gateway community, which helps them build unity and confidence. In Grandstand they get opportunities to apply their knowledge, skills and attitudes to find solutions to challenges and situations that they encounter while working with each other and the community at large.


At The Gateway School of Mumbai, the arts are considered important in the holistic development of each child. The program consists of visual arts, drama, and music, taught across all the sections. Students have all three art classes for an hour every week. The program aims to develop artistically literature individuals, who use the arts.


Creative personal realization

Culture, history & connectors

Emotional wellbeing

Community engagement

The objective of the program is to stimulate creativity within students in a safe learning environment. The Gateway School of Mumbai values collaboration in the arts and periodically invites artists, designers, and educators to collaborate with the students in addition to the regular art class. These collaborations have been enriching for students, as it creates learning opportunities and prepares them for real-world challenges. The program also focuses on multidisciplinary learning through art integration The annual art showcases in form the drama-music productions and the visual art show are platforms for students to showcase their skills.