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Capacity Building

Welcome to the Outreach section of the Gateway School of Mumbai! Come engage with us and together we can help all students reach their potential.

Our vision and mission is to develop and share best practices in our field, practices that are relevant to our context. There is so much information out there, but how does one decide what works best for you? If you’re a parent, teacher, therapist, school leader or just interested in understanding how better to serve students with special needs, we have different types of engagements. Do read through to see what works best for you!

Come visit the Gateway School of Mumbai! We’ll take you through our teaching and learning philosophy as well as a short tour of our learning spaces. You are welcome to stay back to observe more classes, and interact with our teachers and students.

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Duration: 1 hour.

Cost: Free.

Please see our calendar for orientation tour dates and register here or write in to us at for more details.

We’re looking for dedicated, motivated individuals who want to learn and make a difference. We tailor internship programmes as per your interest, availability and the availability of our team. As part of your internship you’ll shadow the relevant teacher/ therapist/ leader. You’ll be a part of planning and execution of student programmes, get to debrief with different therapists, teachers and leaders at our school and participate in professional development opportunities organised for our team during your internship period. You will receive an experience certificate at the end of the internship.

And it doesn’t need to stop here! We’ve had many of our interns continue teaching at our school and take on more responsibilities.

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Cost: Free.

To apply, email

We’re excited to announce that Gateway’s PDP will be going online this year. We will be adopting a mix of synchronous and asynchronous platforms as part of the course.

Gateway’s Virtual Professional Development Programme 2020-21

Understanding and Working with Students with Special Needs

The Gateway School of Mumbai is committed to serving students with special needs in Gateway and the community at large. Launched in 2018, the professional development programme is our initiative to build a community of educators who share our vision of an inclusive society that ensures programmes for students with special needs meet both standards of excellence and standards of equity.

Programme Duration
Six months

Workshop dates*
Jul 4th - 11th | Aug 1st - 8th | Sep 5th - 12th | Oct 3th - 10th | Nov 28th - Dec 5th | Jan 9th - 16th
*subject to change

Exposure visits to Gateway
a. Participants are welcome to schedule independent visits to Gateway. Reach out to for pre-scheduled orientation days.
b. Please note that we will organise visits to Gateway only if and when it is safe to do so

We recommend participants opt for the Certificate track to get the most from the programme. As part of the certificate track, participants get access to discussion forums and synchronous sessions. Participants will also be able to access mentoring and feedback opportunities by Gateway team members.

1. Certificate track - Participants completing at least 16 sessions, completing all assignments, as well as the end of course presentation, will receive a certificate from the Gateway School of Mumbai.
2. Auditing the course - Participants auditing the course will get access to all the materials. However, they will not be able to attend synchronous sessions or post to discussion groups. Participants auditing the course will not be able to access all assignments, and will not be able to avail of mentoring and feedback.

Programme Cost
1. Certification track: Rs.10,000.
2. Auditing: Rs.5,000.

We encourage participants to register in groups so as to get the most benefit from the programme.

Who should participate

  • Institutions (schools, clinics, education organisations; NGOs). We encourage you to send at least 3 participants so you can work collaboratively and share learnings across sessions.
  • Individuals - teachers, clinicians, leaders, therapists.

Expectations from participants

1. To attend all sessions
2. To be an active participant in virtual sessions and online network, and complete assignments to the best of their abilities.
3. To share a reflection at the end of the series highlighting their overall journey and big takeaways of how they are implementing practices in their settings.

Important Dates
July 1st: Registrations close
July 4th: Tech Orientation
July 4 to July 11th: Week 1 of PDP


We conduct workshops at organisations or schools to support working with students with special needs. See here for a list of our workshops. The workshop content and duration can be tailored as per the need of the organisation.

Duration: 3-6 hour per workshop.

Cost: Varies depending on type of engagement (e.g. individual workshop/ package/ tailor made).

Please write in to us at and we’ll be in touch soon.

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The Gateway School of Mumbai is committed to supporting inclusion for all students in general education settings. Inclusion is difficult, but not impossible! It requires a mindset change, innovative practices and problem solving. We partner with organisations dedicated to becoming inclusive. We help you structure multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) and problem solving structures that help students both with academics and behaviour. Read more about MTSS for academics and behaviour here. Read on to learn about some of our engagements.

Duration: Longer term such as 6 months/ 1 year/ 2 years.

Cost: Varies depending on extent of engagement.

Please write in to expressing your interest and we’ll be in touch soon.

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