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Culinary Art programme – Consultant

  /  Culinary Art programme – Consultant

Culinary Art programme – Consultant

Reports to, and receives assistance, from: HSAP Co-ordinator

Essential Responsibilities Include:

Professional Responsibilities:

Teaching culinary classes to a range of students

Responsible for teaching students about culinary terminology, food cuisines, meat, fish and poultry fabrication and general food knowledge.

Responsible for teaching students food preparation and bakery production, and the overall structure and work flow of a kitchen to include:

a. Nutrition | b. Purchasing | c. Receiving | d. Inventory | e. Storing food in accordance with health standards | f. Proper preparation techniques

Responsible for teaching students about supplies and equipment used in the culinary arts field.

Prepare course materials such as syllabus, homework assignments, and handouts.

Advise students on academic and vocational curriculum, and on career issues.

Participate in school and community events.

Adhere to IEPs and differentiated instruction.

Proactively communicating with parents, and responding to their queries promptly

Attend relevant team meetings and workshops

Knife skills and usage of electric/ mechanical blenders for chopping, cutting, etc

Learning measurements for recipes based on cooking and baking menu

Learning measurements for recipes based on cooking and baking menu

Explaining textures and quality through touch, smell and taste

Examining clearance of kitchen post session

Multiple recipe planning and introducing procurement list for ingredients required for the week.

Introducing food photography to keen learners

Usage of machines such as inductions, microwaves, mixers, etc

Grouping learners in class based on guidance from mentors

Introducing healthy food ideas and establishing a relationship with better choices

In addition to the above, performing all those functions that might be necessary in order to ensure that the school’s services are of the nature and quality that will help fulfil its founding vision.

Contract Terms:

Period: Minimum 3 years, Part time.

Salary: Negotiable based on background and experience.

Culinary Art programme – Consultant