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 August Flashback

Student Spotlight
Building Capacity in Students

Students Conduct a Survey Using Bar Graphs!
Students Abhinav Swamy and Aarin Bhalekar from middle school are absolute foodies, and have been learning about bar graphs in their math classes. They saw an opportunity to make this into a real life experience, and asked their homeroom teachers to conduct a morning homeroom in order to understand the preferred cuisine and favourite foods of their peers. There was trial and error in how to obtain the data in an organised manner, and though the process took a few days, Abhinav and Aarin showed tremendous teamwork. They shared their screen on zoom, took turns to lead, ensured all participants had a chance to share their opinion, and eventually interpreted the data they collected in a great way using tech tools. We are proud to see them apply their mathematical learning to something that is meaningful to them! They’re eager to organize a potluck in the future to practice their data collection skills again and celebrate this achievement !
“Full House” Performance by Risshan Patil
Risshan Patil was invited to perform at yet another virtual concert “Full House : Volume 3” organized by Gateway teacher Akshita Jeswani and her husband Nicholas Mohite, who is a beatboxer and performer. Risshan performed a few covers and an original piece “Pizza Rap”, and held his own among professional singers and songwriters. He captured the hearts of the audience, who danced along to his singing, and shared that he was their favourite artist of the evening!

Independence Day Celebration Through Song

Aruna Shetty, a Gateway parent who is a trained Carnatic classical singer and performer, believes that music is a universal language that connects people and communicates our emotions beautifully. Aruna, along with her children, Arjun, a Gateway student and Avni sang the song "Ae Mere Watan Ke Logo" on the occasion of Independence Day as a heartfelt tribute to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives at the war front for the country all those years ago.

Watch The Melodious Performance Here!

High Schoolers Write Newspaper Articles

The 11th and 12th-grade NIOS students wrote a newspaper article in the English class in conjunction with learning about Print Media in Mass Communication. After studying newspaper articles written by journalists and student journalists, they learned about the structure of a newspaper article. They then picked a topic of their choice, after which they had to research their topic and use their research to write their articles. The students learned about the process of writing and publishing a newspaper article. We're happy to share an article with you; Student Parth Pawar wrote "The Realm of VFX", as visual effects is an area of interest to him. 

Click Here to Read Parth’s Article.

Parent Engagement
Building Capacity in Parents

Parent Support Group explores Zentangle

During this month’s Parent Support Group, Arts Team Coordinator and Visual Arts Teacher, Abhishek Panchal conducted a Zentangle Workshop for the Parents. Zentangle is an art form that aids in relaxation. The workshop provided parents with a tool for mindfulness and was designed to help them relax and connect with each other through art. Parents showcased some of their designs and also shared pictures of other art forms they had worked on. It was a great space to share and appreciate each other's talents and practice mindfulness.

Professional Development
Building Capacity in the Team

Let’s Get Learning!

Math Program Coordinator, Rudri Joshi attended a Webinar organized by the Mathematics pedagogy unit of St. Xavier’s Institute of Education on “Strategies and Solutions for Boosting Mathematics Learning: A Prerequisite for Constructivist Teaching: Listening to Students' Thinking”. She also enrolled in a MOOC “21st Century Teaching and Learning” by Jo Boaler and her team at Youcubed. The MOOC is about taking a data science approach to teaching, and learning how to interact with content in a data science way which is fun, interesting, and creative.

Outreach and Community Engagements
Building Capacity in the Community

Gateway’s Professional Development Programme (PDP) Goes Virtual

The second month of Gateway’s Virtual PDP saw sessions on Social-emotioal learning in the classroom, Sensory-motor processing, Mathematics and Problem Solving and Reading Fluency. As part of the Reading Fluency session, facilitators did a live demo of the FABLe app developed by Gateway for standardised assessment, benchmarking and progress monitoring of students and guiding teachers for intervention.

Gateway Webinar on “The Talking Body: Creative Expression through Arts and Movement” .

 At The Gateway School of Mumbai, we consider the Arts and Grandstand central to the holistic development of a child. We believe that a child learns when their body is ready and engaged. Our most recent experiential webinar included exercises and conversations to highlight the importance of the body, movement, and expression in the Arts.

We were privileged to have renowned artist Manish Nai join us and share his journey as a creative professional and speak on the importance of expression, and arts in education. 

In addition to Manish Nai, our panel consisted of Sara Kiesel, former Dance Specialist and Arts Programme Coordinator at The Gateway School, New York and The Gateway School of Mumbai team consisting of Grandstand teacher - Ridhika Shah, Drama Teacher - Aditi Dalal, Music Teacher - Sara D’Souza, and Arts Programme Coordinator and Visual Arts Teacher - Abhishek Panchal.

Click Here To Watch The Webinar!
Vocal Care Club
The Speech Therapy and Arts teams joined forces to share bi-weekly tips with the Gateway team on vocal hygiene; the practice of developing habits that keep the voice healthy and strong. They decided to form this club after teachers, parents and students shared their concerns on developing sore throats due to speaking more loudly to interact on virtual platforms. They also designed a video sharing a few tips and exercises which can be followed to maintain good vocal health.
Click Here to Watch the Vocal Care Video!

Virtual Internships

Soumiya Velekat has just completed her A-Level Examinations and has joined Gateway as an intern even though she lives in Dubai! She is working with High School and observing classes and helping create notes under the mentorship of Andrea DCosta.

We also had a few interns from Hashu Advani College of Special Education who observed virtual classes for 2 weeks. 

 Pooja Tanna mentored by Mariam Munir

Devyani Gangras mentored by Aditi Khanna

Rajalakshmi Vignesh mentored by Radhika Chandrasekaran

Sushanta Shetty mentored by Lalita Chawla

Reena Shinde mentored by Sanjana Nisar

Gateway Community Updates

Parent Testimonials!
We're happy to share some successes with you in the form of Parent Testimonials.


We'd like to extend a warm welcome to Nikhil Menon, who has joined us as a Math and Homeroom Teacher

Book Club
At Gateway, the purpose of the book club is to engage our professional community in collective sense-making of new ideas from research, transforming our teaching practices, and thereby increasing student learning outcomes. 

This year we started off with an inspiring read on Tara Westover’s journey thus far, her book titled "Educated". Members who participated met on a virtual platform and  had a lively discussion about the theme of the book/underlying message. Sharing and talking about different perspectives is an essential element of book discussions. In addition, they discussed what the book meant to them and their takeaways. We enjoyed hearing everyone’s take on the book and are now looking forward to our next read.

For our next book club, we will be reading “Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning” by Peter Brown, Henry Roediger, and Mark McDaniel. We start in September and look forward to sharing our thoughts and having  more discucssions with book club participants.

Monthly SE Article

Each month, the Social Emotional Learning team sends an article or video to the Gateway team. This month’s article shared easy and concrete tips for teachers to maintain work-life balance during the pandemic. 

Article on Work-Life Balance During the Pandemic

Monthly Nutrition Article

Kelly Dorfman is one of the world’s foremost experts on using nutrition therapeutically to improve brain function, energy and mood.  She works collaboratively with other medical professionals to help people develop creative strategies to address complex ailments and symptoms. This month’s article talks about “How Nutrition Impacts Muscle Tone”.

Click Here To Read The Article!
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