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"The most interesting people you’ll find are ones that don’t fit into your average cardboard box. They’ll make what they need; they’ll make their own boxes.”
- Dr. Temple Grandin

April Flashback

Autism Awareness Day 
In honour of World Autism Awareness Day, all Gateway students and staff wore blue on 2nd April. Prior to this, teachers discussed the features of autism with students and shared perspective as to why we were going to wear blue.

Awetism Run
As an initiative for Autism Awareness Month, a Gateway parent - Ms. Sayuri Dalvi organized a run called “Awetism Run” to spread awareness. This run had a unique design wherein participants could choose to run any distance from 10 to 21 km between Shivaji Park and Babulnath Temple. Congratulations to Ms. Sayuri Dalvi for organizing and managing this splendidly, and to the Gateway teachers that participated - Ms. Rudri JoshiMs. Sejal Shah, and Ms. Sara D’Souza.

Autism from an insider’s perspective
After Ayush Ganjoo’s extremely well-received talk organized for Gateway parents and team last month, this bright 16 year old came back to Gateway to speak with our students! Ayush systematically explained to our students about autism and the daily struggles of people on the spectrum. He shared about his struggles, achievements, overcoming his fears and working hard on his areas of need which eventually resulted in him getting off the spectrum. He then tactfully and wittily handled all the questions thrown at him by our students who were pleased to hear his story and enthusiastically cheered him on the whole time he spoke to us! A great big thank you to Ayush and family for sharing his journey with us!

Gateway student performs on World Autism Day
Our student Rishaan Patil performed at “Shraddha Foundation's Story Xpress World Autism Day” celebration at the Tata Theater at The National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA), on 2nd April. He confidently sang songs for young adults with special needs and NGO teams, and both the audience and Rishaan enjoyed the performance!

Live on Social Media - Grand Raffle lucky draw and Concert
Here’s bringing you the second update on the GSOM studio (Gateway School of Mumbai) in-house production; last month, our student’s pitched their vision for their short film to those around them. We highly appreciate Ms. Devaunshi Mehta, (Bai Panna Thackersey Charities), Mr. Ritesh Sidhwani (Excel Entertainment), Mr. Dharmil Bodani and the Parent -Teacher Association of Gateway School for their generous donations. In addition to this, the students, teachers and parents also sold raffle tickets and raised an amount of 17.5 lakh rupees!!! This exciting endeavour was completed by an event at school during which we announced the raffle winners live on instagram! Prizes included designer clothes, vouchers and coupons of esteemed hotels and restaurants in the city, hampers from film production houses, jewellery from established brands, furniture and accessories to top it all. Thank you all for making this possible! Finally, Gateway’s favourite band , ONEmpire performed as well to make the morning all the more incredible!

Every Single Breath
Dearest readers, brace yourselves as we bring you the most glamorous announcement of the year!

The GSOM studio has officially completed shooting our very first short film titled ‘Every Single Breath’, a production for our students, by our students and about our students. The short film features Bollywood celebrities Mr. Salman Khan and Mr. Bobby Deol, true supporters of Gateway. Not only did these two wonderful superstars blend into our Gateway community seamlessly, they also showed the children what it means to be professional and guided them through the filmmaking process, inspiring the students to take their talents to the next level! We are truly thankful for their involvement and collaboration with our school.

The topic of this film focuses on the strengths of our unique student body and highlights the importance of environmental conscious existence. This topic is close to our hearts and has been built over time through different experiences such as the fire in Deonar dumping ground which caused the school to close for 10 days due to polluted air. Our kids have been working towards environmental conscious living in their own little way through various activities such as the Juhu beach clean-up, organic gardening and attempting to make solar panels, all which lead to the development of the theme for the movie. Through our arts programme, the students have strived to bring a bit of the outer world into their own little world at school. 

Words fall short to describe the magnitude, determination and effort that brought the vision of our Gateway Community to life. With the unconditional support of our founders Mrs. Indira Bodani and Mr. Dharmil Bodani, our students have truly persevered and reached new heights. We would like to extend our gratitude to the Mr. Mozez Singh and his direction team for their patience and professional work with our children. We thank the parents for supporting the school through the long hours that come with a project of this size and we are truly grateful to the Gateway faculty and staff who have shown us once again that our reach is limitless and together, no peak is too high to achieve. The Gateway School of Mumbai and GSOM Studio are proud of each and every individual that has been a part of this endeavour and turned it into an enormous success!

This film comes with a strong message that is pivotal to the global community we currently live in. Through the voices of our students, we hope to spread it far and wide. While the release date is not yet set, we are sure that this film will touch the hearts of many, as it has ours, so stay tuned ladies and gentlemen, we can’t wait to share our vision with you.

Gateway Oasis gets volunteers from the community!
One of our own community members, Ms. Jayshree Rao generously provided us with fresh, healthy compost that she had produced. We used this soil to create beds and pathways with the help of some of our lovely parents who joined us for the session. The highlight of the session were definitely our little farmers- Nay Shroff and Rajdeep Saraf. They worked with so much enthusiasm and joy alongside our support staff and made it a success.
We would love to thank Mr. Santosh Saraf and Mrs. Nisha Shroff for coming in with such an amazing spirit collaborating so tirelessly with us.

Badminton Tournament
Red Predators and Blue Beasts went head to head one last time in our final sports event of the year! The Badminton tournament was split into a teachers competition followed by a student one. We are once again proud of the Red Predator Teachers for securing the doubles winners and runners up! The Singles were also conquered by the Red Predators taking first place and Blue Beasts as the runners up. Amongst the students, Arya Saha (Blue Beasts) came first in the Middle School segment with Nay Shroff (Red Predators) as runner up, and from our High School students we congratulate Red Predators Ritam Patel for winning and Farhan Choudhury who took second place. We end this year with an energetic and competitive Sports Spirit from our Houses!

Generous Donations towards Gateway!
We would like to thank Mr. Sanjay Kanungo who donated funds for us to acquire educational gadgets so that we can take learning to the next level! With this, we purchased 12 iPads, a sound system, printer and much much more!
We are piloting the iPads to assess engagement levels of children in Language and Math classes. The students are really enjoying it and are using apps like Dr. Seuss' Treasury, Endless Reader and Endless Words in ICT embedded Language classes. We've also received a tailor-made mobile trolley along with charging stations for iPads which will be used across the school.

Student Spotlight
Building Capacity in Students

Becoming contributing members of society!
Our High School students are a step closer to meeting our school’s vision of creating an impact in society, through the Service Learning Program (SLP). With a strength of 18 students this year, we took on two projects - Chembur Children's Home and Sevadaan (a school for kids with special needs). The students strived to meet their objective of community building and enhancing spoken English skills in order to positively contribute to the community through their SLP sessions. They spent an hour every week planning, researching and creating resources, delegating responsibilities, documenting the plan and reflecting to ensure every SLP session was fruitful and engaging. This program has been a game changer for our students and the greatest joy is that the teachers become mere facilitators and observers in the process. 

Watch a short video on this year's SLP initiatives!

Stay tuned to find out what our students embark on next! #studentempowerment
"Next year, I would like to build on skills like taking responsibility to follow through with the plan and work as a team".  - Student Purav Shikhare

Parent Engagement
Building Capacity in Parents

Last Parent Support Group (PSG) gathering of 2018-2019
The last PSG of this year started with one parent sharing her interaction with a young adult who persevered to create a path that allowed him to pursue his passion, and the topic then shifted to values and the important role that parents play in teaching these to their children. Parents also discussed how soft skills are now becoming the key skills that children need to develop.
Some parents shared about the new things they’ve tried with their children and the PSG ended with how we should always assume positive intent and be hopeful about the future!
The session ended with teachers thanking all our parents for being such active participants and truly supporting with building a community within the PSG.

Building Capacity in the Community

Parent Workshop by Language + ICT Department
Ms. Riddhi Gogri (ICT coordinator), Ms. Mariam Munir and Ms. Radhika Chandrasekaran (Language teachers) conducted a workshop for the parents of The Sparklers to help parents build reading habits and to share specific strategies that benefit and support their kids when it comes to reading. Using hands-on practice in the workshop they also helped parents understand two free technological tools - Quizlet and Storyweaver - what they are, why we love them to support Language instruction and how they can be accessed at home.

International Conference on Literacy Instruction
Language teachers Ms. Aditi Ghosh, Ms. Afaf Kazi and Ms. Radhika Chandrasekaran attended READ 2019 - a two-day International Conference on Literacy instruction organized by the Maharashtra Dyslexia Association (MDA). It consisted of presentations by researchers working in the field of literacy instruction for all kinds of learners with specific focus on writing skills. Some of the areas covered were the development of writing, how to detect writing difficulties, how spoken language impacts writing as well as the use of assistive technologies such as the scanner pen to support with literacy development.
Registrations open for Professional Development Programme 2019-20

Gateway Community Update

Ms. Nikisha Kotwal - Subject and Assistant Teacher

Looking forward to

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