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"Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results.”
― John Dewey

Student Spotlight
Building Capacity in Students

The students from Rainbow Riders, as part of their end assessment from their Science and Humanities unit on "Making balanced choices about daily routines enable us to have a healthy lifestyle" presented their learnings to a younger homeroom, Super Troupers. They used Canva, a tool they are learning to use in their ICT classes to capture their learnings and incorporated the skills from their Language unit on "Speaking" while presenting. Not only did this help their audience - the Super Troupers - build background knowledge for their next Science and Humanities unit, but it also gave them the opportunity to practice the skills from their Language unit on "Listening". A fine example of students empowering other students in school and collaboration between departments!

HSAP Senior students visited student Varun Naren's home for Navratri celebrations. Varun's family was celebrating Navratri in a unique way known as "Gombe Habba" (doll festival) where they arrange for a  festive display of dolls and figurines. This type of celebration is unique in South India during Navaratri. These displays are typically thematic, narrating a legend from a Hindu text or a village setting or daily life through dolls. Our budding Chef Varun made Poori bhaji and Misal Pav for which he made the masala himself and his grandma made Bisibele bath which is a dish unique to Karnataka. This provided for an authentic learning experience about festivals in the community! 

A 2-day field trip to Darewadi village in Ahmednagar district was organized to give the IGCSE students an out-of-class learning experience. The trip was conducted to learn about water management techniques conducted by WOTR (Watershed Management Organization) in rural communities. Students, along with the IGCSE teachers, got an opportunity to interact with the representatives of WOTR to learn about the measures they have taken to transform a once drought-prone area into having sustainable water management practices. Students also visited some farms and interviewed the local farmers about the sustainable farming techniques they use, with the limited water supply for irrigation. On the second day, students visited a nearby primary school where they got a chance to understand the challenges faced by rural children. Our students conducted an art activity and Mr. Abhishek Panchal and Ms. Aditi Ghosh also conducted a bilingual read-aloud for the students there.

Parent Spotlight
Building Capacity in Parents

This month the Social Emotional Learning Team in collaboration with the Sensory Motor department conducted a workshop on “How to support my child at home” for parents from Lower and Middle school. Workshop facilitators spoke about "what" behavior is, the "why" behind those behaviors, and ended by discussing "how" to support. As part of the workshop, parents did an activity where they had to identify the behaviors they were seeing at home, why it was happening and how to support. The team also highlighted how it was important for parents to take care of themselves in addition to supporting their children.
Many of our Middle School students are almost ready to transition to High School and in anticipation of this, we organized a meeting with the parents of the Endless Explorers and Rainbow Riders to share an overview of the High School programs at Gateway. Program coordinators took the parents through an overview of the NIOS, IGCSE and Adaptive programs, their eligibility criteria and how they can benefit our students. This will now be followed up with individual Vision Statement meetings between the parents and the advisors to start planning for High School.
Our new and improved Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) are finally out! We met with the parents of all our new students in Lower and Middle School to take them through the IEP. We outlined our two broad programs at Gateway - curriculum and individualized and how the IEP document plays an important role in capturing the child's profile and progress across the individualized program. After going through the various elements of the IEP document, the advisors then supported the parents in navigating their child's IEP.

Professional Development
Building Capacity in the Team

We did a session with our team to understand why and how we do appraisals at Gateway. We then spent the majority of the session creating a rubric for each indicator collaboratively to allow us to have more valid and reliable data.

As part of the “Optimizing IEPs” process, we also had a session where we created a bank of plans and activities that can be used in classes to give direct instruction to students and progress monitor our homeroom goals.
Mr. Abhishek Panchal conducted a workshop for the team with the following goals in mind:
1) Learning a new form into the Visual Art & Performance in order to deepen our understanding of the curriculum through the form.
2) Understanding the rigour the art form demands and track the skills it develops within the arts and with respect to other departments at Gateway.
3) Using the form to understand Arts integration into academic subjects.
This was done through Bunraku puppetry where the team engaged in learning the history of the form and making puppets.
Ms. Aditi Dalal attended a workshop called "The Art of Performative Storytelling" by Ms. Priyanka Patel. They explored the elements of storytelling, how to evoke emotions, the use of voice and body and how to keep the audience engaged. A big takeaway was that we're all inherently storytellers and the most effective stories are the ones that we really believe in. Currently, we’re working with stories drawn from Indian cultures in the Lower and Middle school drama classes, and this workshop provided insights on how to adapt these stories and make them more effective.

Outreach and Community Engagements
Building Capacity in the Community

Professional Development Programme (PDP)
For our 5th PDP session, we had workshops on managing challenging behaviors, explicit instructions, reading comprehension and teaching and remediating handwriting skills.

A few PDP participants also visited Gateway to observe classroom practices. 

Ms. Sanjana Nisar, visited Cathedral school and JBCN, Parel, and Ms. Radhika Chandrasekaran visited NEXT school as PDP coaches. 

Gateway students visit Sevadaan special school every week for their Service Learning Program (SLP) sessions, and over time, the students have become keen on visiting Gateway to see our space. This month, 9 students and 3 teachers from Sevadaan visited us and Gateway students and teachers showed them around school and organized a book reading session in the library. A spectacular example of collaboration with the community!
A three-member team - Ms. Manika Khanna, Ms. Radhika Chandrasekaran and Ms. Daya Chatani conducted a workshop with Attalim leaders on mindset and how to create a positive learning environment. These workshops were a part of a 3-day training program for the team at Attalim.

Ms. Zara Parekh is conducting a series of workshops at her former BMC school classroom under Teach for India, where she used to teach. She recently taught a math lesson as the students have assessments coming up and are struggling to understand fractions. She used a visual fraction model to teach addition of unlike fractions by modelling how to do it and then helping the students do it themselves. She also used a tech tool “Plickers” to get individual data on each child’s level by the end of the class

At Gateway, we teach math in a visual and conceptual method as opposed to a procedural method, and when she took this to other students, she noticed that the students who generally struggle in math were using the visual model and could make sense of what they were doing.

A second-year student from Hashu Advani College of Special Education visited Gateway to conduct a survey on as a part of her course. She met with ICT Coordinator, Ms. Riddhi Gogri with the purpose of understanding all the technology tools used at Gateway for differentiating instructions and their effectiveness. She also interviewed Ms. Riddhi to understand how to embedded ICT to enhance learning content.

Gateway Community Update

Ms. Ina Walia, a former Gateway administrator who will be working with us part-time for a few months. 

Ms. Georgia Misquitta, a recent graduate in BA from St. Xavier's College, has joined Gateway for a 3-month internship. She has been observing classes and supporting lower school students. 

We bid adieu to Ms. Suhita Salgaonkar and wish her all the best for her future endeavors.

Book Club
For the next two weeks, we will be doing a free webinar by Ms. Michelle Garcia-Winner on Understanding Self Regulation. Please click on the link above to sign up for the webinar.

Monthly Social-Emotional Article
Each month, the Social Emotional Learning team sends an article to the Gateway team to share best practices and build competency. These articles range from classroom management strategies to the importance of teaching positive behavior and much much more! 

Read the article here!

Looking Forward To

High School Drama and Music Showcase
The theme for the show is the evolution of Mumbai, which features 4 segments, set in different time periods and highlights the evolution and spirit of the maximum city through drama and music. The production is an effort to deeply engage our students, historically and culturally with the city they live in. "The Bombay Project" conducted in Grandstand was a part of the research for this show.
We are excited to take the show to an external venue for the first time, as we believe it would give our students a professional performance experience. This, in turn will also build their performance technique and further hone the drama and music skills they have been working on through the years. A bigger and larger audience will also boost their confidence and give them a greater sense of achievement.
Please be there to show them your love and support!
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