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Circles of Support - The Gateway Model

Gateway Mumbai's organizational structure does not follow a vertical or horizontal hierarchy, instead it is arranged in "circles of support". This model reflects ideas that are at the crux of our philosophy:

  1. This child is at the centre of all decision-making processes.
  2. The prime responsibility of the leaders is not to supervise, monitor or evaluate staff. Instead, it is to support, empower and build capacity in team members.
  3. Every single member of the Gateway team is equally essential to the success of the school - irrespective of the position they are serving in.

At Gateway-Mumbai, we are striving, as a group of individuals with a common vision, towards the growth of the organisation, recognizing and drawing upon each other's strengths, addressing the team’s needs and concerns, optimizing resources, and engaging in ongoing reflection and collaboration to build individual and group capacity.

Systematized Learning

Learning is generated through continuous cycles of study and planning, action, and reflection. Systematic documentation of the insights generated through the pulsating cycles of the learning process is then used to inform practices at Gateway and also for dissemination to the community-at-large through outreach projects.

Building Capacity

Leadership roles, organizational structures and protocols, and allocation of resources are all directed towards the overarching goal of supporting professional growth and building capacity in all Gateway team members.

Universal Participation

Everyone in the Gateway community must be involved in relevant decision-making processes, and also in the generation and dissemination of learning.

Commitment to Excellence

We hold ourselves and our team members to the highest standards of diligence and professionalism.

Collaboration and Consultation

The collaboration between Gateway-Mumbai’s multidisciplinary team members and student' families informs the child’s educational program. Honest and respectful consultation is used as a tool to facilitate ‘intellectual conflict’, through which diverse perspectives are shared, and unity of thought is then achieved.