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Production Assistant (High School Performing Arts Showcase)

  /  Production Assistant (High School Performing Arts Showcase)

Production Assistant
(High School Performing Arts Showcase)

Reports to, and receives assistance, from : Drama Teacher


Background & Brief:
The Gateway School of Mumbai’s High School Performing Arts Showcase 2022 is a physical event after three long years of the pandemic. After bringing in themes of inclusion, advocacy, and more over the years, this year’s plan is to be an out-and-out filmy, entertainer. Complete with signature humor, song & dance, and the participation of all the students, and staff to create a fun hour-long show. The content intends to integrate not just the students, but films, popular shows, songs, series, characters, dialogues, dances, trends, pop culture moments, and more. The
production is run entirely by the school performing arts department and the student body itself is simple with no hectic set changes, extensive props, and sound/ light requirements. The fun is in the student actors having fun and making you laugh – intentionally, and unintentionally!
The date for the show is October 15th and rehearsals will begin in the first week of August 2022.

Essential Responsibilities Include:

Work as the main point of liaison between the Director, Production Team, and external vendors.

Work as the main point of liaison for productions arrangements: Venue arrangements, props, costumes, lights, light designer, sound, and sets at the rehearsals and venue.

Oversee preparation of contracts for vendors, invoices, and requirements of vendors in consultation with the school administration team.

Be the key contact for stage management, creative teams, and cast throughout pre-production, technical rehearsals, previews, and running, attending technical rehearsals, and ensuring that every member of the process has the best possible experience.

Consult with the Program Coordinator and director, to build an excellent technical team and ensure the effective delivery of set builds lights design and operation, and rehearsal schedules are made and implemented.

Oversee backstage support during the mounting process, technical rehearsals, and the show.

Oversee production, printing requirements, and transportation requirements.

The ideal candidate should:

Have prior experience with production and stage management.

Be highly diligent and collaborative. Have the willingness to work in a team environment.

Prior experience working with a student production is preferred.

Time Commitments:

This is a part-time position starting from Aug 1, 2022 to Oct 15, 2022.

The candidate is expected to attend rehearsals and production meetings for three days at the school campus from Monday–Friday.

The job involves occasional local travel for arrangements.

Production Assistant