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Social-emotional learning (SEL) Department Coordinator

  /  Social-emotional learning (SEL) Department Coordinator

Social-emotional learning (SEL) Department Coordinator

Reports to, and receives assistance, fromCo-Principal

Oversees and supports: Social-emotional learning specialists (school counselors)

At Gateway, social-emotional learning specialists (school counselors) invest time in understanding the unique profiles of individual students and think critically about the design of their social-emotional programs. Open-mindedness, creativity and collaborative approaches are essential to this design process.

Essential Responsibilities Include:

Designing overall Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) program framework and goals for school

Participate in recruitment of department staff

Participate in decision-making process of student grouping (for therapies/homeroom)

Communicate with parents of students on behalf of the department

Collaborate with homeroom teachers during SEP design

Collaborating with teachers, school wide, and assisting in lesson planning that may support generalization or acquisition of specific therapy related skills in their classrooms

Designing child-specific behavior intervention plans in collaboration with relevant team members

Assisting team with planning, reflection, report writing, updating IEP goals and other documentation on a regular basis

Providing instructional coaching to department staff

Overseeing (including design and delivery of) professional development of department staff (workshops, coaching, and any other strategies/structures/platforms/tools)

Organizing and facilitate regular meetings with department staff

Planning and executing workshops (PD for school team, parent workshop, outreach, etc.).

Meeting with parents as and when needed to support with behaviors at home

Maintaining department budget

Organizing and/or helping the school organize various functions

In addition to the above, performing all those functions that might be necessary in order to ensure that the school’s services are of the nature and quality that will help fulfill its founding vision

Qualifications & prerequisites:

Master of Psychology

English language proficiency

Openness and enthusiasm to learn

Experience of working in a school setting is prefered

RCI certification is preferred

Job profile:

Designing overall Social-emotional learning (SEL) program framework and goals for school

Providing instructional coaching to team members

To work as part of a multidisciplinary team in close collaboration with educators and other therapists to plan lessons and design Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs) for students

Contract Terms:

Period: Minimum 2 years, full time position only (8am– 4pm, 5 days per week)

Salary: Negotiable based on background and experience

Social-emotional learning (SEL) Department Coordinator